LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Former President Bill Clinton was back in Kentucky Thursday, campaigning for Hillary Clinton days before the state's primary election. 

President Clinton spoke at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort to a crowd of just over 300, according to event organizers. 

"She's got the best ideas to create more jobs, raise more income, reduce inequality and advance social mobility," Clinton said. 

Hillary Clinton's campaign has been hitting Kentucky hard. The Democratic presidential candidate was in Louisville earlier this week. 

Mr. Clinton also had campaign events scheduled in Owensboro and Prestonsburg Thursday. He made sure to touch on issues that are important to Kentucky voters. 

"We've got to prove that every place in America can get its fair share of clean energy jobs. You say 'Well, we're a coal state.' Yes, and we will continue to run coal for some years to come but that shouldn't exclude other things," Clinton said. 

The former president also pointed out differences between Hillary Clinton and her Democratic opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders.

"He favors free public tuition, free tuition for all public institutions of higher education," Clinton explained. "She favors debt free education from all public institutions and all private schools that educate a lot of young people from disadvantaged or working class backgrounds." 

Clinton also appeared to aim part of his speech at Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. 

"The fundamental message of the other side is, 'Vote for me, and I'll make it like it was yesterday,'" he told the crowd. "Isn't that what it means? 'I'll make it great again, like it was then. Now I'll have to put up a few walls to do it...'"

Mr. Clinton ended his speech by asking people to get out and vote Tuesday.

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