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POV | JCPS - An Apology and a Clarification

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With apologies to most of our viewing area, the hottest issue this week has been JCPS schools. It has been whether teacher wages are going to be frozen, whether the code of conduct standards will be relaxed, and whether Dr. Donna Hargens has the support of the community. So I am going to revisit this once more today.

As I've said before, I don't care whether you agree or disagree with me. What I am trying to do is stir up a discussion on any given night. On Thursday, I did an editorial in support of Dr. Hargens and the only discussion I stirred up was from people who thought I was dead wrong to support her. 

That's fine with me when the discussion is raging like it is. Much of what people disagreed with, however, is stuff I never said. For example, they think I am in favor of relaxing the code of conduct. I am not. I think it should be strengthened. No teacher should ever be harmed or feel threatened by a student, yet it happens frequently and many times these kids are back in school the next day. That shouldn't be. 

Some people said I don’t support teachers. Again, it’s just the opposite. Outside of my parents, my K through 12 teachers influenced me and shaped me more than any other group of people in this world. My wife's parents and sisters are educators in public schools. I know what they face every day. My admiration and support for teachers is unwavering.

I do think it is premature to start a petition to oust Dr. Hargens, but I apologize to Tim Druck, who started the petition, for calling him a yahoo. While I may disagree with what he's doing, he didn't deserve that.

If disagreeing with me will keep the discussion going, then Point of View is serving its purpose. Despite the efforts of several superintendents through the years, and boards of directors, JCPS is still a mess. Make sure your thoughts are heard. It's important. Maybe someday the grown-ups can fix JCPS before we waste the educations of any more young people.

I’m Bill Lamb…and that’s my Point of View.

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