LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The jury listening to testimony in the murder trial of a well known hot dog vendor took a field trip Friday.

Earlier this afternoon, the prosecution took the jurors out to the crime scene. The jury boarded buses that took them to Poplar Level Road and Taylor Avenue. There, they walked around the Chase Bank parking lot where Donald Hayes is accused of shooting and killing Danny Wilson two years ago. 

Hayes and his wife were also there, but they kept their distance from the jurors. 

This was a chance for the jury to get a better feel of what happened, as well as the locations it happened at.

Jurors also went to the Chase Bank to examine the locations of surveillance cameras, and to CT Haircutters, where Wilson's car rolled into parked cars after he was shot. 

Earlier in court, a forensic expert with LMPD testified. She showed the jury the wood baseball bat that police say Wilson used to break Hayes' car window right before the shooting.

The jury was also shown pictures of glass shards in the parking lot of the Chase Bank where the shooting happened, and pictures of where Hayes' bullet hit Wilson's car door before fragmenting. 

Rob Chandler, one of Hayes' defense attorneys, says he thinks the trial will wrap up on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

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