LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On a sunny Spring day, 6-year-old Eden Hoelscher is wide-eyed, happy and smiling while riding her new pink tri-cycle powered by her arms.

“When she goes for something, she goes for it full force,” said Eden’s mother, Kylee Hoelscher.

What you wouldn't realize by taking a quick look at Eden is that she became paralyzed five months ago. While on Christmas break from school, she was just being a kid and did a backbend in her living room.

“She had done a bridge. She had pushed herself up from the ground, and I had said, 'Hey, be careful,' because she had a tendency of resting on her head instead of her hands,” Kylee said.  

Seconds after leaving the room, Eden started crying. Kylee started consoling her, but eventually realized something wasn't right.

“And then all of a sudden her face just changed, and she was like, 'Mom, I feel like my feet are sleeping.' Her legs were bent like really awkwardly. 'Eden move your leg,' I said, and she said 'I can't,'” Kylee recalled.

Doctors told the Hoelscher family Eden hyper-extended her spine for too long, which cut off the artery to her spinal cord and caused a stroke in her spinal cord. She was diagnosed as a paraplegic.

“The magnitude of damage is unbelievable and unheard of,” Kylee said.

So the California natives decided to leave home behind for better treatment.

“It's a lot of compensation where they say you have your trunk and you have your arms, how can you live the best of your ability in a wheel chair. And we just weren't ready to accept that,” Kylee said.

They ended up at Frazier Rehab in Louisville where every day Eden makes progress and is regaining her muscles. Her mom gets emotional thinking about how far she’s come.

“She has abs below, she has hip flexors, and just two days ago she got glutes,” Kylee said.

Each day is a small victory, and each victory is also important to Eden’s physical therapists.

“That’s the thing about Louisville, that’s the thing about Frazier, where they’re all so excited,” Kylee said. “The excitement is unbelievable. When you're a parent who's dealing with this, you want people who are as excited to see your child recover as much as you are.”

On this journey, Eden has never lost her spirit and has become even closer with her older sister Isabella.

“She loves her older sister a lot,” she said.

Her parents are confident the future looks bright and are amazed at how much support they’ve received.

“I just haven't even, it won't enter my mind, and I won't let it enter my mind that she won't recover,” Kylee said.  

“The love that people have shown us is phenomenal,” said Eden’s father, Nicholas Hoelscher.

“If there's anywhere we'd have to spend three months, then Louisville is the perfect place to be ... because it's just like people have known us forever. They bring toys over, they bring food over, they invite us to play dates, they invite us over for Derby parties. It's like they've known us forever, when they didn't even know us,” Kylee said.

You can stay up to date on Eden’s progress by visiting the Stand for Eden Facebook page. You can also support the Hoelscher family by visiting Eden’s Go Fund Me page.

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