LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Elementary students from New Albany got to name some furry little babies this morning.

On Monday, third and fourth graders from Mount Tabor Elementary School watched as officials from Duke Energy and the Indiana Division of Natural Resources banded three Peregrine falcons.

Banding helps officials gather information about the birds when they are set free in the wild. The students have been studying the birds in class.Students say it's rewarding watching the peregrine falcons they named - Christian, Zane, and Skylar - get banded.

"We learn about all the adaptations, how they hunt for their prey, what they dive down for, where they live -- basically everything," said Connie Miller, a fourth grader at Mt. Tabor. 

Officials hope the falcons will use the nesting box on one of the stacks at the Gallagher power plant.

It was put there in the 1990s.

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