LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's a mystery that has people talking in this country's biggest city. At the center of it, a 19 year-old woman raised in Louisville. 

"She represented Kentucky as one of the top scholars," her mom told WDRB. 

Nayla Kidd, a student at Columbia University who went to several local elementary schools, vanished 11 days ago. There's been no contact with friends, teachers, or her mom, University of Louisville Professor of Pharmacology, La Creis Kidd.

"I'm lucky if I get two or three hours of sleep," she said.

La Creis left her Louisville office for Manhattan. She got there not long after a missing persons report was officially filed last Wednesday.

"I don't know the details, but something really, really, really is not right," La Creis said.

The biggest indication of that is the solid student missed all of her final exams.

"Someone who had As and Bs at the midterm phase, and then is going to drop the ball? No. I can't wrap my brain around it," Nayla's mom said.

Her bank account numbers were also changed and her Facebook was deleted.

"Did she deactivate it? Or was that account hacked? There was a lot of funny activity going on with that Facebook account," La Creis said.

The "what-ifs" are swirling.

"I have to stop myself from thinking about all the different possibilities of what could have gone wrong. It will make me just paralyzed to the point where I just can't do anything," La Creis said.

She says she won't stop until questions are answered or until Nayla is back where she belongs, safe.

UPDATE | Missing Columbia student from Louisville found safe by NYPD, reports say

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