CLARKSVILLE, In. (WDRB) -- Construction has started on a major renovation to the Clarksville Aquatic Center.

The town is planning a major overhaul to the park complete with play structures, water slides and discovery streams. The park will also include a new slide.

"It's been planned for many years," said Dylan Fisher, redevelopment director for the Town of Clarksville. "We've been in talks between the parks department and redevelopment commission."

The park was built in 1995 and was in disrepair. Last June it had to close for several days after an underground pipe broke; that pipe had to be fixed anyway. In order to get all the renovations done, the park needed to close for the upcoming summer.

"We knew it had to be done and really the only option was to take a summer off and bring it back the following year," Fisher said. "The original intentions were to do the project over the previous winter and have it ready this summer."

The total cost of the project is around $3.7 million.

"This project itself is a pretty good catalyst for the redevelopment efforts in the South Clarksville area or Old Clarksville as Clarksville residents would know it," Fisher said.  

On a busy day, the Clarksville Aquatic Center can see between 700 and 800 guests in one day. This summer, those potential visitors will have to find a new location.

"There are multiple different family aquatic centers," Fisher said of the aquatic center in Jeffersonville and New Albany. "At one time, Clarksville was it."

The hope is that all those visitors will return when the park reopens for next summer. The construction is expected to be complete in the late Fall. 

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