LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's an effort to conserve monarch butterfly habitats.

On Wednesday morning, "Monarch Waystations" were created in Lapping Park in Clarksville. It's a joint effort between the Clarksville Parks Department and the Duke Energy Foundation. Development is threatening the butterflies' homes.

The stations have all of the elements the butterflies need to live.

"We'd like kids to come out here, the students to come out here, and actually see the process of the stages of the butterfly -- you know, from caterpillar to cocoon, to butterfly --  and see how they feed off the milkweed and the nectar," said Lisa Brones Huber, Duke Energy community relations manager. "And we're hoping that this fall, the kids can come out and do a butterfly release."

To help fund the project, Duke Energy also gave a $2,500 grant to the Parks Department.

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