LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's now the defense team's turn to present its case in the murder trial of a well known hot dog vendor -- and that hot dog vendor took the stand this afternoon.

Donald Hayes' defense began presenting its case this afternoon. Hayes is on trial for shooting and killing Danny Wilson during an alleged road rage incident two years ago.

"I pulled up along the side of the vehicle," Hayes said on the stand. "Close enough neither of us could get out. I didn't want a confrontation. I can't street fight anymore. I just wanted to ask questions."

The defense team's case focused on Hayes' claim of self-defense.

"As I turned to look, I saw a bat coming at me," Hayes said. "I grabbed it. I don't remember, and turned and shot where the bat was coming through the window, where the threat was."

Before the jury was brought into the courtroom this morning, Hayes' attorneys asked Judge Mary Shaw for a directed verdict -- an immediate decision on his guilt or innocence -- but Shaw denied that request.

Here's what the defense and prosecution had to say:

"The fact that he did it once -- that it was in the direction of Mr. Hayes' head, through a closed window that he had no right to go through, Mr. Hayes then had a lawful right to defend himself with force," said Kevin Glogower, Hayes' defense attorney.

"There's absolutely no evidence that Danny Wilson entered the vehicle of Donald Hayes," said Prosecutor Barbara Whaley. "The bat broke the window. There is no evidence that the bat ever entered -- that not only Danny Wilson did not enter the vehicle, there's no evidence that the bat entered the vehicle."


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