LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Viral video of a teenage girl getting jumped on the way home from school has led a Louisville mother to act, saying she can help protect your child and sound the alarm on bullying at the same time.

Tammy Smith said the footage of Moore High School student Taylor Gravel being harassed, followed and eventually attacked brought back terrible memories.

"I remember being chased home from Shawnee by six girls," Smith said. "They never caught me, but they could have, and the thought was terrifying. And nobody should have to go through that." 

Smith said Gravel's words troubled her most. The 15-year-old told WDRB she knew she was in danger but couldn't plan a defense. 

"There were so many of them, and I was kind of scared to turn around and do anything," Gravel said.

Smith wants to stop other children from feeling that fear. 

She works with a company called Damsel in Defense, providing a host of personal protections aides. 

One such protection is well suited for students. It's a not-so-subtle, 120-decibel alarm designed to scare off an attacker or draw enough attention to thwart a threat. 

"If it doesn't attract attention, the bully thinks it does and they leave you alone," Smith said.

The alarm is attached to a key chain. It's like putting a mini police siren in your child's pocket -- and police say these devices do work. 

"There are all kinds of devices out here, but the main thing anyone needs when it comes to personal protection is something they feel comfortable with," said Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

In the aforementioned instance, 15-year old Taylor Gravel did not call 911 -- an admitted mistake. Smith said your cell phone is a weapon in self-defense. Today's technology allows anyone to Facetime, live stream and show the world what's happening instantly. 

"It is very empowering," Smith said.

And it's a different way to stand up to a bully.

"I always tell people, 'Do what you can do, don't let yourself go down without a fight,'" Smith said. 

Smith hosts free seminars where she goes over personal protection safety tips.

For more information on the Damsel in Defense device, click here.


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