SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- The number of resources available for people struggling with addiction in Scott County, Ind., continues to grow. 

Officials say Narcotics Anonymous has returned to Scottsburg, adding on to the support groups that are newly available in the community. 

"I'd never go back to it. It's not the life I wanted," said Michelle, a recovering addict who lives on the north side of Austin. 

She remembers what her days were like as an addict. 

"We were eating out of dumpsters and living in homes that were packed with cockroaches," she recalled. 

While Michelle has been clean for more than a year, many in the community still struggle with substance abuse. 

Health experts say the HIV outbreak in Scott County was largely spread among IV dug users sharing needles. Help for addiction hasn't always been easy to find in the area. 

"If you needed to go to a support group, a lot of people found that it was necessary to go outside of the community," said Lori Croasdell, a coordinator for the Coalition to Eliminate the Abuse of Substances of Scott County (CEASe). 

But the health crisis has brought change. Croasdell says she updates a pamphlet every two months with new resources in Scott County. 

Soon, Narcotics Anonymous in Scottsburg will be added to the list. It's been up and running for about three weeks. The local NA had to shut down last year because they couldn't find anyone to lead the group. 

"If you don't have that support system around you, your chances of relapsing can be very high," Croasdell said. 

Michelle says she and her husband got clean by going cold turkey, but some friends have been able to get help. 

To her, things are improving in Austin. 

"I think everything starting to look a little bit better with everything that's been going on," Michelle said. 

For more information on the resources available in Scott County, click here. 

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