SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- An employee at a hotel in southern Indiana says she stumbled across more than 20 World War II era letters that she wants to return to their rightful owner.

Whitney Anderson was working Saturday at the Hampton Inn in Scottsburg, when she says she was emptying the trash, and came across the letters, as well as two locks of hair. They appeared to have initially been in a large envelope.

"I caught the corner of it and it said 'December 6, 1945'. I saw that it was handwritten and I was like, doesn't look like something that should be thrown away," Anderson said.

The letters were addressed to a woman in Henryville, Indiana named "June", from a marine named "Tommy" who appeared to be writing from places like Guam and California.

"It kind of felt like they might've been love letters, but they were all signed 'friend,'" Anderson said.

"Dearest June. I feel a little guilty for not writing for the past few days," one letter began. "Please write soon, I love your letters." 

Anderson tried to locate the last person who stayed in the hotel room, but she had no luck. 

She decided to post pictures of the letters to her Facebook page. Those pictures have been shared over and over again.

Anderson and her friends have used #FindingJune all over social media, in an attempt the locate the owner.

“I mean, they’re pieces of history, and someone else’s personal history,” Anderson said. “If someone had something like that of my family’s, I would definitely want to see it.”

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