LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville LARP has created a fantasy world that comes to life with the help of your imagination. Keith Kaiser takes us to a place where fantasy becomes realty.

Table top role playing games like "Dungeons and Dragons" have been around for decades. In the game, you become a character in a fantasy world with different powers, armor, strength and skills. A role of the dice determines where you go and how you get there. Orcs, fairies, dwarfs, barbarians and others embark on imaginary adventures.

But some players wanted to take the experience to the next level. Geoff Runge and few friends created Louisville LARP or Live Action Role Play. Enthusiasts become the characters, dress like them, and act like them.

Any field, park, or forest becomes the imaginary world of Forge Hall where you can let your imagination take over. Players work together to achieve tasks created by the story tellers. Keep the monsters at bay with your rubber swords while your team solves a puzzle. Or defeat the dog sized spiders (played by humans) as your fellow warriors make their way through the web of string.

New players get introduced to LARPing at a "Meet & Beat." You go over the rules, and get a quick lesson on how to hit each other with latex swords, axes and realistic looking clubs. There is no hitting in the head or below the belt, but striking the legs okay.

The point is not to hurt your opponent. The object is to render them helpless. You weaken their armor by a certain number of points as you make contact. Don't get tapped to many times, or get hit with cloth wrapped bird seed acting as magic. If you lose to many points, you have to drop out, adjust your fake armor, and then jump back into the game.

The hobby of LARPing provides an escape like a movie. But you create the story and great memories with your imagination.

A normal LARP may last 36 hours straight. Players stay in character the whole time. But in this game, there are no losers. If you are having a good time, you're winning.

Louisville LARP conducts about four LARPs throughout the year. The next one happens Memorial Day weekend.

CLICK HERE to get connected with Louisville LARP. And Happy LARPing.

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