JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- There are no pets, no bikes, and perhaps, soon, no cigarettes.

The city of Jeffersonville is considering a smoking ban in all of its public parks.

It's the first major move of a newly-formed parks authority in Jeffersonville.

Board member Bill Burns points to examples like cigarette butts under the bleachers at Woehrle Baseball Fields, more mixed in with the gravel at Big 4 Station and others lining the walk at River Stage.

The talk of change brings welcome news to jogger David Simpson.

"We come through the bridge, and people walking across will let out a big puff, and it just happens that's when you inhale," Simpson said. "It's pretty nasty."

Jeffersonville already has a smoking ban passed in 2005, but it just applies to buildings. Smokers have to light up at least eight feet from the front door. 

Yvonne Thomas says the city is trying to police the air. 

"I disagree with that," she said. "I smoke and, I mean, I am outside. How does my smoking impact anyone else? I mean it's going up."

The city has about 40 public parks, but it's the larger events at places like River Stage that's caused leaders to reconsider the rules, citing complaints from the public. 

"We're not saying you can't smoke," Burns said. "We just want you to smoke in other areas, not in general population."  

The parks addition sits in proposal form now, and local smokers say they will not be put out without a fight.

"I can't smoke outside," Thomas said. "That's just silly."

The parks authority hopes to vote on the smoking ban at its next meeting in June.

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