LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Jefferson County judge has agreed to appoint a special fiduciary to oversee the Al J. Schneider Trust -- which owns hundreds of millions in real estate including the Galt House hotel -- as the trust expires and transfers its assets to more than 20 Schneider family beneficiaries.

The special fiduciary will also make efforts "in hopes of settling some of the family disputes," according to a statement from Rita Reedy, marketing director for the Schneider Co.

The Galt House and other assets of the Schneider Co. have been controlled by the trust since Al J. Schneider's death in 2001. After May 31, the trust expires and its assets become the property of Schneider's heirs.

Some of the trustees, including two of Schneider's daughters, wanted to sell the Galt House before the trust ends, but they gave up on those plans after other family members sued to stop the sale.

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