LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man was beaten unconscious, but that didn't stop the attack.

Louisville Metro Police have arrested two suspects, but need help finding another.

Police say that third suspect was actually kicking the victim in the head while he was on the ground, unconscious.

One suspect is in jail, but refuses to identify the other man involved in the attack.

Police say they have surveillance video of the disturbing New Year's Day attack. It happened at the White Castle on Bardstown Road and Hikes Lane. The victim is on the ground, being stomped by two men.

"He was laying there, on his back and just kind of nothing, there was blood all over his face," said Emily Gehlhausen, who is the victim's girlfriend.

Gehlhausen said the attack nearly killed 29-year-old Vadim Tolstykh.

"He lost such a large amount of blood in his brain. They did emergency surgery. If they wouldn't have done that surgery, he definitely would have died because the brain would have swollen too much."

Gehlhausen said they stopped at White Castle after attending a New Year's Eve party.

"I was sitting in the car, waiting for them to come out with the food, and he came to get me and said, 'Emily, Emily! Vadim has been in a fight, Vadim is down, he's not moving.'"

Police said after the attack, the suspects left the area in a car driven by Laurice Miles.

"She knew the police were coming, and she's the one who left the scene with them," said Det. Mary King, with LMPD's 6th Division.

Shortly after the attack, police arrested Miles and Russhawn Townsend, however, the main suspect is still unknown and on the loose.

"One punch, one kick and he's done," Det. King said. "I mean, he couldn't even defend himself."

Det. King is investigating the case and hopes someone can help identify that third suspect.

"It is a life changing assault."

She said the video started with the suspects and victim inside the restaurant.

"And then it shows the assault that occurred in the parking lot. It shows the punch that was thrown that knocked him out, and then it shows the guy kicking him in the head," Det. King said.

Tolstykh survived the attack, but is still recovering in a nursing home. That's why police and Gehlhausen hope the third suspect is behind bars soon.

"I am hoping that it will kind of put us at ease to know that who is responsible actually gets their payment," he said.

If you know who the third suspect is, you can call 574-LMPD.

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