BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- A museum in Bardstown says it may be the answer in the tug-of-war over the final resting place of the Confederate memorial statue near the University of Louisville.

The Civil War museum in Bardstown has the largest collection of memorabilia in the state, and it could become home to one more, Louisville's controversial Confederate memorial.

Curator Robert Llewellyn says the museum, open since 1981, tries to strike a balance. It displays artifacts telling the Civil War story from the northern, southern and African-American perspectives.

"Kentucky was half-Confederate, half-Union, and we try to represent that," Llewellyn told WDRB News.

Llewellyn says the Confederate memorial statue would fit right in with the museum's educational purpose.

"That's our mission: it's to teach history, and let people arrive at their own judgments," he said.

The museum's board sent a letter to a member of a group seeking to preserve the statue, offering itself as an appropriate location for the monument.

"My preference would be that it stay in Louisville. But if cannot stay in Louisville, we would like to see it come here," said Llewellyn.

The city of Louisville has made no decisions about where to locate the statue once it has moved from the U of L campus. Following a court hearing allowing the city to go ahead with the move, both sides seemed willing to find the right spot.

"Hopefully somewhere down the line, right reason and good sense will prevail, and the monument can be saved, if not in that location, in an appropriate location," said Thomas McAdam, an attorney for those seeking to preserve the statue.

"I think the mayor and his staff want to find a suitable location for this monument," said Jefferson Co. Attorney Mike O’Connell.

The museum is exploring its options for displaying all or part of the monument, including a reproduced Civil War-era village on the property.

"In this museum, it's not being forced on anybody, as it is, maybe, at the University of Louisville campus," said Llewellyn.

Nothing is going to happen soon. The city will not begin moving the statue here or anywhere else until the legal case is settled.

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