LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews are putting the finishing touches on Louisville's newest night club. Shawn Michael's Mayhem will open on East Main Street, across from Whiskey Row with a soft opening Saturday night.

"We have 12 doubled-headed lasers going all over the place," owner Shawn Michael said. "We have three television walls that are playing the videos that the DJs are mixing live as they are mixing it."

Crews are still finishing the flooring and getting everything ready for the soft opening.

"Everything is on the line, so I hope the city is very receptive to what I'm doing here," Michael said. "(I'm) trying to get local artists a platform of not just rap and hip hop artists, but rock bands, painters."

90s rapper Coolio will be headlining the first night at this club. And expect some things out of the ordinary too.

"We actually have people in the bars that will be human art inside the bar, that you can walk into the bar, look down and see people inside the bar," Michael said. "They'll be in enclosed cases for over an hour, then get a break and go back in. Michael says it'll be for "shock" effect.

Bottle service for the soft opening and grand opening in June will be $225 for five people and includes the cover, a bottle and VIP cabana.

There will be video screens outside so people can see what happening in the club and the music videos. There will be a special no wait entrance for the VIPs.

Michael says, "This will be a ratio club. If you've ever been to Vegas, if you have not been to Vegas and don't know what a ratio club is, you'll probably be aggravated at the door, but the ladies won't, the ladies will love it," said Michael, who's hoping the ratio will be one man to one woman at all times.

The downstairs is a lounge area with local art on the walls. The music will be softer, more of a place where people can get away from the club scene upstairs and talk.

"I think Louisville has been ready for this for a long time," Michael said. "I just don't think there's every been anybody ballsy enough to actually try it."

Soft opening tickets are still available. Doors open for the lounge at 8:30 p.m. Saturday with Coolio playing at midnight.

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