LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of people got moving on this Memorial Day for the return of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's "Hike, Bike and Paddle" event.

Thousands of people started bright and early. By 11:30, some people were just finishing up a 15-mile bike ride. That ride got underway at 10 a.m.

Lots of people took part in a number of activities for all ages. We saw paddlers in the water with their canoes and kayaks. Hikers and walkers were getting ready to take to the trails.

Some started even earlier this morning, with yoga, Zumba, and a number of other events.

The Hike, Bike and Paddle event happens twice a year. It will take place again on Labor Day -- but Mayor Fischer says he'd like to see people exercising every day, and participants we caught up with agreed.

"It's a beautiful morning to be out riding and doing something active," said cyclist Erica Brown.

"Obviously we need to be healthy as a city," said Mayor Fischer. "It really irritates me when I see these rankings that say we're not a good, healthy city. So people need to get out more, need to eat well."

Mayor Fischer says he wants to keep adding new activities to the event.

"I'm doing Zumba with my mom and my cousin," said participant Bella Pointer.

"You can bring out your little kid on a tricycle," Mayor Fischer said. "All of the competitive folks go first. The important thing is get out, get active, live a long life."

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