Kentucky can always use a good leader. But it seems that recently we have too many, and they’re all pulling us in opposite directions.

First, there’s former Governor Steve Beshear. While I think he did a fine job while in office, his constant sniping at current Governor Matt Bevin and formation of a non-profit group to oppose Bevin on social issues constitute an unprecedented defiance of a sitting governor by his predecessor, and almost seem to be an attempt to establish a “government in exile.

Then there’s Steve’s son, Attorney General Andy Beshear. His legal actions against Bevin’s policy changes seem more of a personal crusade to support his father’s war against Bevin than anything else, and make it clear that he’s more interested in obstructionism than statesmanship.

But let’s not let Governor Bevin off the hook. He’s been petty and personal in his own attacks against the Beshear administration, and that behavior reached its peak when he removed the ex-Governor’s wife, Jane Beshear – an extremely bright and accomplished woman -- from the Kentucky Horse Park Commission for no good reason.

Gentlemen, we get it. You don’t like each other. But all of you need to put away your personal differences and start acting like statesmen, because Kentucky deserves better from its leaders -- both past and present.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.