LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Henryville Correctional Facility in Clark County, Ind., will close by July 1.

A recent bill requires certain felons to go to county jails instead of state prisons, meaning fewer offenders in the facility. 

The move was made "in an effort to save taxpayer money and more efficiently utilize allocated funds." Officials say given its proximity to several other facilities, the IDOC deemed Henryville the most logical prison to close.

"I know that the Governor and his administration are claiming this move will save as much as $2.4 million, but I wonder whether the lasting impact for area taxpayers might be much greater," Rep. Terry Goodin said. 

Inmate work crews are responsible for manual labor projects around the area.  

"Now that these crews no longer will be around, it will be more difficult to take care of these tasks. In most cases, they will have to be forgotten about or contracted out to private [organizations] at prices that will end up costing local taxpayers even more," Goodin said. 

The Superintendent of the facility, Kathy Alvey, promises the community won't notice a difference in resources. 

"We have crews that work within our communities and those crews will continue through the Edinburgh facility and the other level ones, so that should not impact it at all," Alvey said. 

The closure will affect 140 offenders and 36 staff members. The inmates will be transferred to three different correctional facilities in the state right away.  

As for the staff, “no one is going to lose their job or be laid off. 36 staff will be affected, but we are working hard with our state personnel to find jobs at other facilities or agencies within the state," Alvey said. 

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