LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Summer break starts Thursday for Oldham County Schools, but that's not the only thing getting people excited in the school district.

"We've had a great year. Our community is fantastic, our kids are fantastic, our parents and our teachers are fantastic," said South Oldham Middle school Principal Steve Emerson. "We tried to do business as usual, but, you know, we're trying to have school and learning at the same time we're in a construction zone."

Wednesday marks the last day of school for Oldham County students, the end of a chapter for many schools.

But for South Oldham Middle School, it's the beginning of a completely different book.

The middle school has been under construction around the clock for more than a year.

The $14 million construction project is not only adding a new office suite and entrance, it's replacing everything, including desks, chairs and lockers.

"It's going to be a total, total renovation. Everything is being replaced. When our kids come in, they're going to be walking into a brand new building," Emerson said.  

That means the construction crew is now on the clock.

"It's going to be hectic. They've got about two an half months, and we're just going to get out of their way and let them do their thing," Emerson said.

Last year, the Oldham County school district was one of the last to go back to class in August because construction at South Oldham took longer than expected.

"We're going to have the same questions this year ... We feel very confident that they are on schedule," Emerson said.

On schedule or not, South Oldham faculty, students and families are extremely excited.

"I think it'll be worth it," Beth McBride said. "This school needed a lot of changes, and mine are very excited to have a brand new school and brand new lockers for next year."

"We are absolutely busting at the seams," Emerson said.

Oldham County students will enjoy 76 days of summer.

Students are scheduled to come back to school on Aug. 17.

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