LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Weeks after giving up on a plan to sell the Galt House hotel for $135 million,  Al J. Schneider Co. CEO Mary Moseley and her sister Dawn Hitron are seeking legal damages from their other sisters -- Christe Coe and Nancy O’Hearn – for thwarting the sale in a “desperate grab at power and control.”

On Wednesday, Moseley and Hitron filed several new claims against O’Hearn, Coe and Coe’s husband Randy Coe in the ongoing Jefferson County court case over the future of the Schneider Co., which holds more than $200 million in real estate including the Galt House.

Coe and O’Hearn’s attorneys did not respond to a message seeking comment.

The children of late Louisville developer Al J. Schneider have been at odds for months over whether to sell the company’s assets and who gets to make decisions.

As of Wednesday, a trust that Schneider set up when he died in 2001 runs out and all 21 family beneficiaries get collective control over the company according to their various holdings of shares.

The five-member trust, which included Moseley and Coe, had entertained a $135 million offer for the Galt House from Columbia Sussex Corp., but the deal fell apart because of the family dispute, which spilled into court in January.

Now Moseley and Hitron are seeking damages from the Coes and O’Hearn for scuttling the sale.

“They knew that the ensuing litigation, regardless of its merits, would cloud title for any contemplated sale of assets,” according to Moseley and Hitron’s complaint. “Ultimately, they were right.” 

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