LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some people are re-thinking their summer travel plans -- fearful of the Zika virus.

For 30 years, New Albany travel agent Mark Bliss has planned trips for couples that just got hitched. Lately, he's been busy changing up itineraries, as people are backing away from travel hot spots where the Zika virus spreads daily. 

The Caribbean, Central and South America are just the start of a list that continues to grow. In one such case, Bliss recently had some local newlyweds cancel plans for a trip to Cancun. 

"It's not going to go away for a while," he said. "I'm hoping sooner rather than later they find some sort of vaccination for it."

Bliss says he's always looking to keep his clients safe when they take off on a trip of a lifetime, and he will continue to come up with back up destinations for the people that have to make a last second changes due to the Zika virus concerns. 

Stephanie Mayfield Gibson with Kentucky One Health says staying informed about the virus is key.

Of course the virus is spread mostly by mosquitoes. Getting rid of standing water around your home and using insect repellent regularly are just some of the summer tips to put in place. 

"But we don't want people to panic," Gibson said. "We want people to enjoy their summer and know that there are safe guards."  

The Center for Disease Control's website lists only five travel associated cases of Zika in Kentucky. For perspective, Florida and New York have more than 120 cases each. 

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