LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Broadway's longest-running hit ever is taking the stage in Louisville with a brand new look.  

The stars of Phantom of the Opera are sharing some of the secrets about the revamped show. Chris Mann plays the Phantom to Katie Travis' Christine in the legendary love story about the deformed Phantom determined to win over the up-and-coming singer at any cost.

"This is my dream role for sure," said Travis. "It's what I wanted as a kid. Pretty incredible to be here."

"I grew up listening to it," Mann said. "It's cinematic, romantic, emotional music that's so much fun for us to sing, and fun for the audience."

Andrew Lloyd Webber's music stays the same, but there will be some changes, including the show's centerpiece, a one-ton chandelier -- and that's not all. 

"It's a prettier, darker, more explosive version of the show," said Mann. "Same incredible music we've come to love, and beautiful costumes and story, but just a more current production."

It's physically demanding to do two shows a day, right down to the handmade costumes. With all the beading, they weigh as much as 40 pounds each, and actors sometimes change from one to the other in just 20 seconds. 

"Being the Phantom eight times a week is a physically demanding role, and vocally very aggressive, so it definitely takes a toll, but through practice and vocal techniques, and trying to stay healthy and not drink too much bourbon while I'm here, it should be just fine," Mann laughed.

"It's pretty amazing to be able to reinvent and recreate this incredible show that people have loved for so long," Travis said.

Broadway Across America's Phantom of the Opera runs at the Kentucky Center through June 12. 

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