Louisville is on pace to see more murders this year than any year before. There have been 47 criminal homicides so far this year.  

“It ain't like they have to go into the military anymore to get killed in the streets,” one neighbor, Adrianna, said.

So far this year, there have been 201 total shootings. Thirty-eight of the shootings were fatal. 

“Now-a-days, instead of going and doing things that Louisville does, like the parade, (I) just stay in the house. There's too much violence going on out here,” Mariem Abdallahi said.

WDRB asked neighbors to guess how many criminal homicides happened this year.

 “Maybe like 63?” Rayshawn Gatewood said.

 “One-hundred-sixty-five? I would say maybe about 200,” Adrianna said.

Forty-Seven criminal homicides is nearly double the number from this time last year, but many are shocked there haven't been more.

“Wow. I'm surprised. I thought it was more than that,” Abdallahi said. “Because there's like a murder every other day.”

 “Obviously, it's a lot higher than it has been in the past. This is our highest year ever, so it's been a rough year for everybody,” Homicide Unit Sgt. Emily Mckinley said.

Out of the 47 criminal homicides, six of the victims have been under the age of 10. More than half have under the age of 30. The youngest victim was just 6 months old.  

An LMPD spokesperson says the homicide unit is making adjustments to combat the violence.

“We have combined the shootings into our unit, so we can communicate better with each other what's going on,” Sgt. Mckinley said.

Many Louisville neighbors say the problem starts at home. 

“A lot of kids want to be raised right. But it's the parents, you know what I mean?” Joe Reese said.

“It's mostly gang violence; people who don't have anybody. That's what gangs are mostly. People feel like they don’t have any other family, so they turn to their gangs,” Abdallahi said

“It doesn't matter what they do. It's up to the people. If they want to get along,” Gatewood said.

Thirty-two of the homicides are closed cases.  

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