LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Following a pair of military plane crashes on Thursday, a local ex-pilot spoke with WDRB. 

Louisville native Rob Givens flew with the Thunderbirds, he says pilots have three things on their mind: safety of the crowd, safety of the pilot and then safety of the aircraft. 

"Both of these teams are so incredibly safe that it is very rare to have them lose an aircraft," Givens said.  

When we met up with Givens, we started by looking at the Thunderbird's incident where a pilot bailed out of his F-16 jet just after doing a flyover at the U.S. Air Force Academy. In this case the pilot ejected safely, still Givens said your body pays for it in the process. 

"A lot of g force ... you are pressed down, and it's over so quickly you're in the chute within a second and a half." 

Now to the other incident, a U.S. official says the pilot of a Blue Angels jet did not eject when the aircraft crashed in Tennessee and was killed.

"Can things go wrong in aviation? Yes, absolutely. Do we know what happened today? No not yet." 

Dueling investigations will take place.

Givens said in most cases there will be a 30-day report, a 60-day report and then a file report filed. 

Following the death, the Blue Angels flight team will not take part in the Great Tennessee Airshow this weekend. 

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