LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police detectives say they've recovered roughly $40,000 worth of stolen property. 

Investigators have named Hamilton Craig Austin, 22, and his girlfriend Casie Hale, 22, as suspects in the case, and they're still trying to track them down. 

The stolen items are mostly tools and were discovered after investigators received a tip about a home on Smyrna Parkway last Friday. 

LMPD Det. Rodney Underwood said they found "layers and layers of stolen property" inside and that the bust could help close seven to ten cases. 

Police say most of the stuff came from commercial vehicles. 

"We know of two vehicles that were stolen and emptied out and then the vehicles were dumped elsewhere," Underwood said. 

In other cases, police say the suspects broke in the trucks and vans and took off with what was inside. 

"It interrupts your day of course, and then you feel like you've been violated," said Shawn Corrigan, the service manager of Corrigan Electric. 

He says a company van was hit a few weeks ago in an employee's driveway. 

"It's really disheartening to feel that someone's stealing from you when you're working hard to make a living," Corrigan said. 

Police say the suspects were likely pawning the tools. Since the police discovery, many of the items have gone back to their owners. 

But investigators still have some items left over. 

"This stuff we can't identify, we've checked serial numbers, make and model, tried to match the reports." Underwood said. 

Meanwhile, the search continues for Austin and Hale. Police say they will likely be charged with several counts of theft and receiving stolen property. 

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to call 574-LMPD. 

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