LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Shelby County family is doing things differently as they open a new distillery.

There hasn't been a distillery in Shelby County since Prohibition. Now, Jeptha Creed will be the first locally-owned distillery in the area.

The distillery sits off exit 32 on I-64 in Shelbyville.

The 64-acre property includes the new distillery and a large farm, all owned by a local family.

Joyce Nethery is the CEO and has a background in chemical engineering. Her husband's background is in farming. "We thought the combination with his farming background and my engineering background, we could combine those two, mesh them together and we came up with the craft distillery," said Joyce Nethery.

An idea that took years of planning is finally coming to life.

On Tuesday, the distillery equipment was delivered.

"It's surreal, it's like Christmas! We're getting all the fun equipment that I'll hopefully be producing some world class spirits on," said Kevin Coffey, Jeptha Creed's Master Distiller.

The distillery will offer various products.

"We're going to have unflavored vodka as well as three flavored vodkas. We're going to have an unflavored moonshine and three flavored moonshines. We're going to have three different bourbons," said Coffey.

And Jeptha Creed is doing things differently than most distilleries.

All spirits will be farm to bottle products. "We are growing all our own corn, pretty much any grain that we can, we are going to grow ourselves. Produce, fruits we're all growing on site which people will be able to see when they come for tours. So, that's one thing that sets us apart. Everything is from Shelbyville, Shelby County," said Coffey.

And when the distillery opens to the public, two tours will be available.

One tour will only show the distillery, while the other will take people through the entire property.

"We'll also have tours that will take people out to see the corn, the blueberries, the blackberries, apple trees. So, you can see everything we've got growing here on the farm. Then they can see the distillery and have a tasting," said Nethery.

They are also building a clubhouse area to host weddings, luncheons, business meetings and other events.

Besides making a great product, the family hopes the distillery and farm will attract people to visit their hometown.

"Well I think for Shelby County this is going to be really great. We wanted to build something that would be really good for the community, that would attract people to Shelby County," said Nethery.

Jeptha Creed plans to start production in August and the distillery will open to the public later this fall.

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