Police are still searching for whoever shot and killed an 18-year-old just after his high school graduation.

Derrick Cargill's grandmother tells WDRB she had big plans to take him shopping for college school supplies this week. Instead, she plans to lay her grandson to rest.

“Big plans. The plan was to start getting his things for his dorm room: his refrigerator, his comforter and stuff,” Yolanda Cargill said.

After Yolanda took her grandson, Derrick, shopping for school supplies, she had more big plans: plans to surprise him.

“He thought we should be looking for a car. Little did he know, I was going to wait a few weeks for him to check in and then I was going to assist him on that and get him a car,” Yolanda Cargill said.

Instead, Yolanda will attend her grandson's wake Wednesday and his funeral Thursday.

“I still don't understand why,” Yolanda Cargill said.

She doesn't know who shot her grandson.  She says he didn't get into trouble and preferred to stay inside and play video games.

“We always told him, ‘why don't you go outside?’ I would give anything if that was the case. If he was just inside playing video games,” Yolanda Cargill said.

Family previously told WDRB the Iroquois High School grad was out celebrating with friends when he was shot and killed in the Taylor Berry neighborhood.

“It's like nobody has any regard for life anymore,” Derrick’s aunt, Angelita Cargill said.

The only comfort the Cargill family has is even in his death,  his heart still beats.

“By donating his organs, he was able to save 6 lives,” Yolanda Cargill said.

Helping people would make Derrick proud. He planned to study sports medicine and management in college.

His family has one message for the person who shot Derrick: “If you're out there and you're under the sound of our voice, we ask you to please turn yourself in. Just please turn yourself in and do the right thing,” Angelita Cargill said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Louisville Police tip line at 574-LMPD.

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