LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Central High school plans to launch a new program this summer to teach incoming freshman about the man commonly called its,  "Greatest Graduate." 

Principal Raymond Green said, "This coming year, we're going to start our first-ever 'Champ Camp' in honor of the champ himself for all incoming freshmen to teach them the history and legacy of this school, and also the history and legacy of Muhammad Ali." 

Green says Champ Camp is serendipitous. It was already in the works for nearly a year before Ali's passing, but is considered crucial now to keeping his legacy alive. 

"We want students to understand that they will be advocates for themselves, but also be advocates for others the way that Ali stood up for what he believed in," Green said.

Central alumni, seniors and teachers will host the one day camp on Aug. 1, the day before orientation. The focus will be team building, leadership and camaraderie. It's voluntary, though the school expects most of the 300-person freshman class to attend -- people like 14-year-old Aric Williams.

"I just know he was from Louisville, raised in the West End, and he's a good boxer," Williams said.

The hope is that teaching freshmen about Ali's principals of peace and character will build a stronger community throughout the entire school. 

"He went to this school," said Sean Washington, a high school senior. "Me going here, knowing he sat in some of these same classrooms, is special."

Ali graduated from Central High School in 1960 -- the same year he won Olympic gold medal. Champ Camp adds a bit of homegrown history to the curriculum. 

To honor Ali, Central High School is asking all alumni, students and staff to wear black and yellow and line the procession route Friday as it passes behind the campus om Broadway.

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