LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Hundreds of volunteers will be coming together to honor Muhammad Ali in an unconventional way on Thursday.

Plastic bags, food wrappers, aluminum cans and other garbage will be cleaned up along the procession route before the boxing legend makes his final drive through the streets of Louisville.

“So much of what we do is making sure our community is clean and green and sustainable for all community members, but he was such a present and important person in our community and we felt this was the best way we could honor his memory,” said Brightside Event and Volunteer Supervisor Lorri Roberts.

Roberts organized the clean-up ahead of the processional with Mayor Greg Fischer.

“I'm also asking businesses and homeowners along the route to chip in and do what you can to make sure our city spic and span, clean and green,” Mayor Fischer said.

Street sweeping signs have been posted for Thursday, and city workers spent Wednesday afternoon cutting overgrown grass and weeds.

Ali's body will be driven from A.D. Porter Funeral Home in southeast Louisville to downtown Louisville, onto Muhammad Ali Boulevard, past his childhood home, and down Broadway to Cave Hill Cemetery.

“Well they're already emotional, everybody is. It's just when it's going to hit them,” said David Stanley Sr., who lives a few houses down from where Ali grew up.

Many neighbors who live near The Champ's childhood home say knowing his body is driving past them one last time will be difficult.

“I went to all of his fights,” neighbor, Norma Calloway said.

“We know he is alright now and he's in a great place,” neighbor, Floy Calloway Sheffield said.

“I used to see him on TV as a kid, like man that's something. When I actually really met him, man I'll never forget it,” Stanley said.

About 200 volunteers are scheduled to pick up trash on Thursday. Organizers are expecting a total of nearly 400. Each person will be given gloves, bags and an assigned location.

If you would like to help pick up litter along the route on Thursday, you can still pick up supplies Thursday morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at 1235 Trevilian Way. From there you will be assigned to a group and a location.

For more information, Brightside organizers can be reached at 502-574-2613.

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