LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The construction continues on Dixie Highway. Motorists are frustrated but they aren't the only ones.

"It has affected us, absolutely," said David Kennedy, whose wife owns Stomping Grounds Coffee & Co. "Just coming south on Dixie, there's a reason we chose this location. It's Dixie-front, so without having this entrance -- here it could potentially lower our sales."

"There's been a couple of really big MSD trucks parked outside," said James Looper, an employee at discount Tires and Auto Services. "They block the store. It looks like we're closed a lot of times. It's been a big decrease in business, and it's just causing a big problem for us."

Discount Tire and Auto Services and Stomping Grounds Coffee & Co. aren't the only businesses seeing losses due to the 14.5 million dollar construction project.

Work started in Aug. 2015 and was set to be finished this month but numerous delays have put the project behind.

"It's been a start-stop project, but it was important though,"  said Councilman David Yates of the 25th District. "We've seen in history that they've paved Dixie Highway, but they never fixed the infrastructure."

The project consists of four sections.

Section 1 is done.

Section 2 was skipped because water lines need to be relocated before road work can continue.

Section 3 is under construction right now.

And section 4 is up next.

But with all the changes -- like lanes being shifted and left turns now unavailable to drivers -- some feel unsafe on Dixie.

"It is a safety issue," said Kennedy. "Right now, I think it would be good if the crews went out and painted it a little bit more and re-striped some of the lanes to make sure it's clear. There was just an accident right out here the other day."

Many in the area know the work needs to be done, but they are hoping construction will be over soon.

"We would like it to be done as quickly as possible while still getting it done correctly just so we can have our business return back to normal," said Looper.  

The road work was scheduled to be completed by June 30, but due to the delays, that date has been moved to November.

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