SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Scottsburg family is recovering after a fire devastated their home and their insurance money was taken by what they're calling a phony restoration company.

The small community is coming together for the well-known homeowners after their story struck a chord with one business. 

The home on the corner of Hyland Street has been in the West family for decades. "I have good memories aunt Dolly, she was super," Donald West said.

West enjoyed the home where he spent time growing up so much, he and his wife bought it 11 years ago.

Last March, a fire turned the family's world upside down. "The boys were back in Debbie's bedroom playing and they came out saying, 'Grandma's bed's on fire, Grandma's bed's on fire'," Rose West said.

"I got third degree burns on my arms. My wife says go, you can't save it," Donald West said. "They had an old TV back there they drug in and on the way out, that thing exploded and took the whole back of the house out."

Rose got the name of a local contractor from a trusted source. "I said great, because she's such a sweet person, no problem."

However, the mound of worries would only get bigger. "People came in that night and looted our house. They took all my china, my silverware, a bunch of kitchen stuff I had. I mean, they just went through and took whatever they wanted," Rose West said.

The company removed important structural materials, setting the family back even further. "We asked him how much money we had left because we had given him over $100,000 and we asked him how much money we had left and he never would give me an answer. So, we got a lawyer," West said.

Their lawyer hired Pro4mance Fire & Restoration. "They needed someone to come out and do an assessment on the property," Philip Jones of Pro4mance said.

Jones didn't stop there. "They remind me of my grandparents. They're very sweet people. I've learned a little bit about them from talking to people in the community and they're very giving people. They're trying to raise they're five-year-old and seven-year-old grandchildren and I think they've given to the community over their life and now, it's time for somebody to give back to them," Jones said.

With most of their insurance money gone, the house still needed about $90,000 in repairs. They're about halfway there.

"I went into depression a little bit, but I have faith in the Lord and that's what brought me through it. So, without that, I wouldn't have made it," Donald West said.

Local businesses, including Glacier Heating & Air, Anderson Electric, Greenwell Plumbing, Green Star Plus Insulation, J & J Roofing & Insulation, Haas Cabinet, Taecon Construction and Ron Tacket donated most of the materials. However, the family still has to pay for labor. "I think we can hit our goal, but we've got to get them back home," Jones said.

"I don't have any words to describe that, but it would be amazing," Donald West said.

"It's been a nightmare. The boys keep wanting to come home and they want to be back here and so do we and hopefully...someday, we'll get back here and I'm sure with Phil, we will. God sent him to us," Rose West said.

To help the West family, donations can be made to Stock Yards Bank in Don and Rose West’s name or sent to Pro4mance at PO Box 44 New Albany, Indiana 47151.

 According to Philip Jones of Pro4mance, when renovating, calling the local building inspector is always the first step.

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