Taylorsville, Ky. (WDRB) -- A day of family fun turns tragic on Taylorsville Lake.

Recovery crews continue their painstaking search for the body of 48-year-old Zoran Jeftic of Louisville, who drowned in a boating accident.

“We're trying to be extremely safe, and cautious, and methodical in our search and recovery effort,” said Sgt. Scott Herndon of the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s Enforcement Division.

The search is focused just off-shore, just a few hundred feet from the boat ramp; a few hundred feet from safety.

“It was just a simple mom, dad and 15-year-old daughter going out for a fun day on the lake, and it turned tragic,” said Herndon.

It happened Sunday afternoon. Authorities believe Zoran Jeftic's boat may have been taking on water because someone forgot to plug the drainage hole.

“Most people, when they pull their boat out of the water, they will take the plug out. And when they return to boating again sometimes they, inadvertently, forget to put the plug in,” explained Herndon.

Investigators say Jeftic fell off the boat's back platform, apparently trying to replace the plug.

His 15-year-old daughter was at the wheel, frantically trying to get back to shore.

Jeftic was not wearing a life jacket.

“We're not sure whether he just slipped off, or maybe got overcome by carbon monoxide and went down, Herndon said.

Jody Hovious has been on the water most of his life and knows how quickly things can go bad.

“Put the life jacket on. Anytime you leave the bank and turn the big motor on, put the life jacket on,” he told WDRB.

Hovious says he's praying for both the family and the recovery team.

“This is a very sad day for everybody. The people that are working this accident scene, their hearts are broke the same as everybody,” he said.

Boats from several different agencies, as well as the LMPD dive team are searching the murky water.

“Two foot under the surface, you can’t see you hand in front of your face. So, it’s just a feel and check. If they recover him, it’s just going to be luck,” said Herndon.

Authorities say no drugs or alcohol were involved.

The search will continue until late Monday and resume Tuesday if necessary.

Sgt. Herndon says they want to help bring closure for the family.

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