CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- An Uber driver helps Clarksville Police uncover a major fake credit card ring.

Two women from out of state are locked up in Clark County.

And the secret service is now involved because it involves several states.

The suspects are Ceia Stewart from Ohio and DeAnna Moody from Georgia.  "We know that there is a person in Atlanta that connected them," said Det. Captain Carl Durbin with Clarksville Police.  Detective Durbin said the suspects have known each other for less than a week.

"It's nationwide now," said Det. Durbin.

But they're apart of a pretty big scheme involving fake credit cards and IDs and real victims, according to police.

"Each of these has a different name, these names are actual real people, real individuals whose identity has been stolen."

Det. Durbin said the suspects were staying at the Candlewood Suites in Clarksville when Moody got cold feet and called an Uber.

"It overwhelmed her and she wanted to separate herself from this criminal activity so she decided to leave."

But police say Stewart chased the Uber in a black Kia.

"We really appreciate that uber driver for assisting."

The Uber driver doesn't want to be identified but told us: "The client seemed nervous and in a hurry."

The driver said he also noticed the black Kia chasing them for several miles. That's when he jumped off the expressway at Stansifer Avenue and flashed his lights at Clarksville Police.

Det. Durbin said, "With the uber driver flashing his headlights to stop our officers, it definitely brought attention to them."

And police say it uncovered the elaborate scam with some pretty good knockoffs.

"They're definitely a 10 out of 10."

Det. Durbin said the fake IDs have the suspects' pictures on them.

"Everything looks like a real drivers license."

And even credit cards that match.

"Like this right here had one drivers license with the four cards, here's another one with the three cards."

Police said the suspects used the credit cards to buy iphones that are turned into cash.

"They'll sell these, obtain the money and then they'll load the money on the gift cards."

Police believes the base of this operation is in Atlanta. That's why the secret service is taking the lead.