Guess what's here for the summer? The Zika virus! Zika, unlike Ebola, which primarily spreads from human to human, spreads mainly through the bite of a certain mosquito. But Zika can cause serious birth defects and other neurological disorders.

That means we have to take precautions for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

So far, we haven't seen Zika transmissions from mosquitoes in the continental United States. But there have been more than 700 such cases in Puerto Rico. And as summer approaches, so does mosquito season.

To combat Zika, The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta is strongly recommending that Congress pass legislation to support the $1.9 billion in emergency funding requested by the President in February.  

But while the bipartisan bill that passed the Senate in May was a step in the right direction, Republicans in the House of Representatives are unfortunately still three months late -- and more than a billion dollars short. This is an emergency now, and House Republicans should treat it that way. The bill they passed is woefully insufficient, and we need those House Republicans to get serious about this emergency.

We can't afford to play politics with this issue. The obstructionism that has become routine in Congress is unacceptable in the face of this health threat, and we should all demand immediate action from our representatives.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.