GEORGETOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Every day is full of activities for the people who call the Villas of Guerin Woods home. 

This weekend, arm work-outs and feet exercises won't be the main event, nor will a couple of spirited games of Bingo.

On Sunday, it will be all about Gladys Tannehill.

"She's the oldest elder that we've had," caretaker Tina Wild said.

Tannehill will turn 108 years young.

"I don't feel it. I'm happy with it," she said.

Tannehill added she feels more like 45. She's still cracking jokes and flirting with the fellas. She gave WDRB's Chris Sutter a kiss on the cheek.

At the same time, Gladys has had set-backs. She's blind in one eye and has to communicate with a dry erase board because her hearing is slipping.

She doesn't let it stop her.

"I'm a strong lady," Tannehill said.

It's the way she's lived her entire life.

"Just keep on going. If you fall down, ain't nobody going to pick you up. You've got to do it yourself," she said.

Gladys has done just that, to the awe of people who see her every day and to those that call her family. 

"It's just kind of inspiring," Wild said.

But, she's not done yet.

"I'm going to live a long time. What's the use in dying? You ain't coming back," Tannehill said.

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