LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It is a call police never want to hear: that one of their own has been shot.

Andrea Brown, Commander of LMPD's First Division got that call on Saturday night.

Sighing, taking deep breaths and struggling to talk about it, Brown finally said this with a shaky voice: "My husband is an officer as well, and um, we were getting ready for bed, and when I got the page, I looked at it, I did a double take. I said, 'honey, I think one of my officers was shot, can you look at this?'"

She raced out the door, and continued to get updates, and soon learned the officer had been hit in the chest, which raised the seriousness of her concern. "It's a really gut-wrenching feeling, that's indescribable," said Brown. "I began to pray and hope that he was wearing his vest. He was in fact."

LMPD officers have a choice of whether to wear a bullet resistant vest. The department says most of them put it on each day.

"I always tell the guys, I do not want to get that call, be safe, do what you need to do to get home to your family every day," Brown said.

A bullet resistant vest saved Officer Kyle Carroll's life Saturday night. Police say he was chasing after 22-year old Jacquan Crowley in the Russell neighborhood when Crowley shot him.

The vest absorbed most of the shock of the bullet, but Carroll was still injured." They actually pulled a projectile out of his chest, it was about right here, where the badge..different uniform that he was wearing that day, it was cloth," said Brown.

Carroll was released from the hospital Monday afternoon. He has been with LMPD since September 2014 and was already gaining credibility from high ranks. "He (a commander) said, 'You know that Officer Carroll, he's a really good officer. He said, I see him out there all the time, he's going to be one star on this department.' And it makes you feel good when other commanders are telling you that," said Brown.

Carroll has four commendations in his personnel file, and one disciplinary action in his file, for an accident in which he was found at fault.

He was commended for apprehending three armed and dangerous suspects, his involvement in a shooting and for diligent patrol. 

Brown says Carroll has been positive throughout his recovery and wanted her to thank the community for an outpouring of support. "(He's) still smiling, even through pain. Just really good," said Brown.

The suspect, Jacquan Crowley, still has not been caught. Officials released a "WANTED" poster of the suspect, showing pictures of a 'Psalm 23' Bible scripture on Crowley's inside right forearm, a 'T' on his right wrist and an 'E' on his left wrist. Police describe Crowley as a black male, 5'1" tall, weighing about 175 pounds. He also goes by the nickname 'Yung Dummy' and is 22. The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to his arrest.

Police say anyone locating Crowley should use extreme caution. They say he is known to carry firearms and has a history of assaulting and fleeing police.

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