LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We have learned the identity of Metro Louisville's latest murder victim.

Police know that he was shot to death -- and they're hoping you can help them find out who did it and why.

It's happened again. First there were gunshots -- then, another homicide victim.

"I'd say about three to four gunshots," said Janay Barker. "I didn't see nobody, and I just heard gunshots. I heard talking at first."

Barker heard the gunshots and called police.

"Then I looked out the window and I seen them -- the man -- laying on the ground across the street," Barker said.

It happened early Friday morning near S. 23rd Street and Standard Avenue. The victim is 34-year-old Charles Cowherd -- and the scene became volatile and emotional as family and friends got the news.

"They killed my baby-dog! They killed my baby-dog!" screamed one person who arrived at the scene.

This Murder is Number 49 here in Metro Louisville, and police say to solve this case and others, they need the public's help.

"It is always incumbent upon the community because they are the ones that have the information," said Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

Mitchell says right now, there are no suspects in the case, but he hopes someone watching will help change that.

"Yes, we have detectives that do it, but we detect the people who know the information, that can give it to us, so we can get the successful prosecution of these individuals," Mitchell said.

Mitchell says the public has already helped solve other cases.

"Several of our homicides have been solved this year...mainly because a lot of folks have stepped up...giving us information to find the person or persons responsible for those," Mitchell said.

Meanwhile, Barker doesn't know the victim, but it's still upsetting.

"It actually freaked me out," Barker said. "And, like, when I seen him laying on the ground, it really scared me, to be honest. It really scared me. I've never seen somebody getting murdered in front of my face."

To call in your tips, just dial 574-LMPD.

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