BROWNSBORO, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new fire station in Oldham County could help lower insurance rates for many living in the county.

The new fire house for the South Oldham Fire Department is on Old Zaring Road near Highway 329. For many people living in the northern part of the county, it could mean big savings on insurance.

“The primary reason we opened this firehouse was to save our homeowners and business owners money out here,” said assistant fire Chief Kevin Parker.

Typically, insurance companies charge significantly more if a home is more than five miles away from the nearest fire station. For many living around Highway 329, South Oldham Fire Department’s headquarters in Crestwood was the closest.

“That difference for home owners for home insurance premiums is significant,” Parker said. “It could be in the thousands of dollars.”

Parker urges anyone living in the area to call their insurance companies to find out if you might be able to save money.

The department had been looking to build a firehouse in the area for quite some time. It even bought land to do just that.

“We had actually bought some land out further in Brownsboro a few years ago,” Parker said. “But it wasn't ready to build, and we couldn't make that work in terms of the price for the preparation of land.”

Then, a preexisting building was put on the market.

“It was a restoration company,” Parker said. “They offered it up for sale, and we quickly jumped on it knowing that this was about where we needed to be for a new fire house.”

The new station is located exactly one mile from I-71, which could provide major dividends when it comes to responding to wrecks on the busy interstate.

“This going to be a tremendous help for the interstate,” volunteer firefighter Eric Norris said. “With the construction, that's going to be a major problem as traffic starts to bottleneck.”

“These guys here could very well be the first on scene of a major accident or even a minor accident,” Parker added.

South Oldham is a combination department, meaning it has both full-time professional firefighters as well as volunteers. The new station is staffed with eight volunteers, though all of the department’s firefighters receive the same amount of training.

The department is currently looking for new applicants to be a volunteer firefighter. If you’re interested you can click here for an application

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