LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The recent overhaul at the University of Louisville has many wondering who will be in charge.

Governor Matt Bevin dismantled the university's Board of Trustees last Friday, and President James Ramsey pledged to offer his resignation once a new board is legally approved. Ramsey will continue to lead the school until those changes are made.

In the meantime, Bevin created a three-member interim board to oversee U of L for about two weeks.

Dr. Ronald Wright is an alumni of U of L's medical school, and for the next two weeks, he makes up one third of this interim board. During his short term on the board, the doctor was given a specific to-do list, but he has to stay ready for anything.

"If something major were to happen during that two-week period, we would be the three that are thrust into the center of that," Dr. Wright said. 

Gov. Bevin announced the shake-up this past Friday, and Dr. Wright says he got a call from Bevin night before.

"It was all kind of a surprise," Dr. Wright added.

The real surprise for Dr. Wright was actually being named to the interim board, but he was not shocked by Bevin's move.

"If you watch the news, you would hear board members talk about the dysfunction of the board and how the board should be dissolved, but it seemed like no one was willing to take that step and make the change," he said.

But how would Dr. Wright talk to others about the transition taking place at U of L? How would he talk to fellow alumni? What would he tell a parent who has a son or daughter who wants to be a Cardinal? 

He remained calm knowing that change is on the way.

"I don't think that people need to worry about the the university's wheels falling of the bus, so to say, because it is still in very good hands," Dr. Wright said.

Junior Bridgeman and Bonita K. Black are the other two people joining Dr. Wright on the interim board.

After the two weeks are up, the interim board will be replaced by a 13-person team, ten of which will be hand-picked by Gov. Bevin. Dr. Wright says he can and will apply for a permanent position on that board.

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