Here's a most sobering fact:  Do you realize that from this moment until New Year's Day, fifty Louisvillians will be shot dead? Fifty people who are walking around today -- fifty healthy people who don't think it will be them -- will be dead by the end of the year. Most of them will be men and most will be African American. 

The past predicts the future, and so far this year, fifty people have been murdered in our city. We're at about the halfway point of the year, so you can do the math. And these murders really only have a few root causes -- drugs, gangs, and a complete lack of respect for human life.  

What could you or I say that could reduce these inevitable murders? Don't do drugs? OK, don't do drugs. Gangs are for losers so don't join a gang? OK, don't join a gang. The problem is, it's great advice, but nobody is going to listen. The only hope I see is if good parents, good teachers, and churches reach out to our young people and encourage them to stay out of harm's way.

When I do an editorial, I like to offer some sort of solution. But until the fundamental value of human life is deeply instilled in all of us, I don't see a solution to this one. Maybe you do. If so, please call and tell us what it might be.

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