JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The road to the future for what is now Clark County Auto Auction has been bumpy. 

The rough ride ended Monday night, when the Jeffersonville City Council voted for it to be rezoned as an institutional school.

"We're looking at that property as potentially being a professional learning center," said Greater Clark Superintendent, Dr. Andrew Melin.

Also a part of the deal is a 10 percent allocation of TIF dollars that would allow the school district to transform the property from a space that reconditions and sells cars into what they need.

"This would provide us an opportunity to have a facility that would be designed and large enough to accommodate a large group of people," Melin said.

The only stipulation, "we wouldn't make it a transportation facility," Melin said.

That was a major sticking point last spring. The school district wanted to put a bus compound there.

"It was a great location. It was a great facility. It was the perfect fit," he said.

But, City Council Vice President Dustin White said and still contends that adding dozens of buses to that section of East 10th Street went against the vision for that part of Jeffersonville.

"We want to have a mixed retail use, and if there's a possibility, maybe even some housing," White said.

That's a plan city leaders are still looking to execute, as the school district and its employees get set take the Auto Auction property over next year.

"Good things prevail, and I think that's what's happened in this case," Melin said.

"All in all, I think both sides are very happy. And it's a good sign that we worked together," White said.

What happens now to the need for a bus depot? The school district says it's looking for other locations. They hope to find one in the next year.

Clark County Auto Auction is moving down the street.

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