A group of more than 40 University of Louisville professors is asking Gov. Matt Bevin to rethink his executive order to dismiss the entire Board of Trustees.

Bevin says it's the only way to restore the board's ability to function.

“I'm very concerned. I've been at the university now for many years, and this is the worst situation I've ever seen,” U of L professor Mark Blum said. 

But it isn't just Blum. Many professors are saying they don't agree with Governor Bevin.

“We would ask that the governor rescind the executive order. Step back, take a time out, look at the situation, and then go by the rules that are established,” Professor Steve Skaggs said.

“His cleaning house, as it's called, [is] against the Kentucky statutes,” Blum said.

“The problem is that in making these changes, it's illegal,” Skaggs said.

Skaggs says there are checks and balances and proper procedures to remove even just one member of the board, let alone every member.

“Even a single member is allowed a hearing in front of the council for post-secondary education,” Skaggs said.

During that hearing, the board member may have an attorney present, and there has to be probable cause for dismissal.

Gov. Bevin says everything he’s doing is completely legal.

“Everything we're doing is in the context of the law, so people can make whatever noise they want, but it will be based on flawed logic,” Bevin said.

“Dysfunction is not simply because a majority of board members disagrees with what's happening," Blum said. "That's what happens in democracy. People agree and disagree. That's not dysfunction."

The professors say the dysfunction could be what is to come. 

“When U of L comes up for accreditation by the accrediting agency in January, it could well lose its accreditation or be put on probation,” Skaggs said.

“When the founding fathers created this country with a balance of powers, it was to separate itself from King George. And what seems to be coming back is the desire to have a king that just cleans things up,” Blum said.


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