LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police have arrested a teenager wanted for slashing the throat of a Louisville cab driver.

LMPD officers and a K-9 unit raided a home on Earl Avenue near Churchill Downs on Wednesday. After several hours on the scene, they came out with a suspect in handcuffs.

A round of applause came from neighbors as police arrested the wanted juvenile accused of attacking two taxi drivers.

“Still makes you feel appreciated especially in today's times,” said LMPD Detective Nathan Blanford.

LMPD officers spent hours outside an apartment building near Utah and Earl Avenues with guns in hand and K-9 units ready to go.

Det. Blanford said numerous tips came rolling in after surveillance pictures were shown on WDRB News. The juvenile was wanted for robbing one taxi driver and cutting the throat of another.

“Somebody like that doesn't need to be around, to be honest. Robbing people for a couple dollars, that’s not worth it,” neighbor Nino Walker said.

There was one tip that ultimately led to an arrest.

“He came out to walk his dog. They called police and subsequently in that amount of time showing up, he went back into the apartment,” Blanford said.

Officers waited outside the building until they were able to get a warrant from a judge. The juvenile was hiding in a back room and arrested without incident. Even though he was in handcuffs, the suspect was laughing and smiling.

“Why he was laughing, I have no idea. He's facing serious charges, two serious felonies and possible more charges,” Blanford said.

Minutes later, a second person was taken from the building in handcuffs, but police could not comment on who he was or why he was also taken into custody.

In the end, neighbors said they feel a bit safer.

“I'm just glad they got the guy,” Walker said.

“This is definitely a case of the police and community working together to get a violent suspect off the streets,” Detective Blanford said. 

The suspect's name is being withheld because police say he is a juvenile.


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