LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  New University of Louisville trustee Doug Cobb is not backing down from controversial views he’s expressed on Twitter, including denying evolution, calling climate change a “hoax.. invented by the progressive left” and saying that homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity.

“I’m not gonna chicken out and start deleting tweets,” Cobb said in a phone interview Wednesday.

UPDATE, 8:40 p.m.: Later on Wednesday, Cobb's Twitter account was deleted.

Cobb, a former CEO of the metro-area chamber of commerce, is an accomplished Louisville businessman and investor. He is also a conservative Christian and an elder at Louisville’s Southeast Christian Church.

Asked how his views on evolution and climate change – which contradict mainstream science – might go over at an academic institution, Cobb said: “I can’t imagine why that would be an issue.”

He said he’s “not opposed to anybody presenting any opinion or taking any view … Good ideas come when people disagree and work through their disagreements.”

Cobb, a devoted U of L basketball fan, has also called on men's basketball coach Rick Pitino, athletics director Tom Jurich and U of L President James Ramsey to resign over the scandal that led to self-imposed ban on NCAA tournament play earlier this year.

On Wednesday, Cobb said he would expect the same accountability had a similar scandal occurred at any of the companies he has led, even if he didn't personally know about the activity.

"Those who are in positions of leadership need to be accountable for what happens," he said.

But Cobb said he is not going to use his board seat to try to oust Pitino or Jurich. (Ramsey has already said he'll leave the university).

"I've got no agenda with respect to that; that is all in the past," he said.

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