HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Ronald Conrad has raced horses for a long time, but Shares Desires is his favorite.

She was with Conrad the day his brother died.

“He had had a massive heart attack and died that day," he said. "So, that's why she's special to me."

Conrad says he feels betrayed someone so close to his family is accused of such a heartless crime against his horse.

“I've known Mikey since he was a baby. His father and I, when Louisville Downs was racing, we had horses together,” Conrad said.

Witnesses say last month another harness racing driver, Michael Neafus, used an electrical cord to shock Shares Desires for up to ten minutes.

“A horse has very sensitive skin," said Otto Schalk, the Harrison County Prosecutor. "It can feel a fly land on them, so you can imagine the kind of effect that may have on a horse."

“It's puzzling to me, because I thought he was a real friend,” Conrad said.

Conrad says despite being skittish for a few days, Shares Desires is making a full recovery, and she'll race again this weekend.

"I've got to go on with her and try to forget it and try to make her as good a race horse as I can," he said.

Neafus is due in court Thursday morning. If found guilty, he could face two and a half years behind bars.

The president of the Harrison County fairgrounds sent WDRB reporter Jessica Bard a statement in reaction to the charges:

“Jessica, per our conversation today, I was very concerned about the charges that were filed against Mr. Neafus.  You were the first to inform me of the incident.  I will work to gather more information and then the board will decide what action needs to be taken.  The Harrison County Agricultural Society promotes the ethical and humane treatment of all animals and will not tolerate the alleged abuse of this horse.”

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