LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Spike the tortoise is on his feet, but he struggles getting around after being run over by a car last week.

Doctors at Shively Animal Clinic say Spike's pelvis is still broken, his shell held together with epoxy and wires. 

"It's really good for me to see that he is trying so hard," said Nina Mosley, Spike's owner.

Our cameras were allowed into the vet's office during Spike's feeding time on Thursday. No meat on the menu, but apples, bell peppers and bananas are some of his favorites. 

"Coming out here to see him makes my day go a million times better, and I don't worry so much," said Williams Duncan, Spike's caretaker.

Doctors added Spike still has a long way to go before they can even think of letting him go home. The folks over at Wayside Christian Mission say Spike is missed each day that he is not seen walking around. 

"Everybody at Wayside asks me, 'When's spike gonna be home?' And I try and be positive," Duncan said. 

As Spike takes recovery one step and one day at a time, his caretakers are blown away by the people and the events that give back to Spike, no longer seen as just a tortoise, but as they said, a "symbol of the area." 

"I think a lot of other folks kind of feel like he is the neighborhood mascot," Mosley said. "So it's been very exciting to see so many people supporting him and praying for him and wishing him well."

Doctors said they added more epoxy to Spike's shell Thursday night. From that point, they will monitor how it mends together. 

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