STARLIGHT, Ind. (WDRB) -- For the longest time, when you would step into the gift shop at Huber's Orchard Winery on a Sunday, you'd see a curtain over some of the alcohol.

"We could only sell the spirit alcohols made from fruit," Samantha Huber said.

That was the law, but times are changing in the Hoosier state, starting this weekend.

A bill passed now allows Huber's Orchard and Winery, and other places with an artisan distilling license, to start selling whiskey, gin and vodka on Sundays.

"We'll be able to sell all of our spirits. Up to six bottles a transaction," said Huber's employee, Jesse Williams.

This wasn't legislation that was easy to swallow for some. Indiana has been strict on alcohol sales.

"Blue laws have been in Indiana since prohibition and didn't really look like they were ever going to go away." he said.

But the southern Indiana family that lives and breaths this business says they knew times had to change.

"The Hubers have been lobbying for at least the last five years to try to get this done," Williams said.

They had a coalition of distillers, winemakers and brewers behind them.

"It's a big deal," Huber said.

The effect on the business, she added, will be just as big.

"I definitely think it means more tourists. We now can do tours of distilleries on Sundays, which we could not do before."

In turn, it will mean more money to help with their bottom line. 

It's something employees, owners and customers alike in Starlight can drink to, even on a Sunday. 

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